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Alcoholism Treatment in NJ Helps with Deadly Addictions

About Alcoholism Treatment in NJ 

Thousands of people are finding a new and better way of life thanks to alcoholism treatment in NJ.  In all of the news about addiction these days, alcohol addiction is overlooked. Deadly fentanyl and opioid overdoses dominate the news headlines these days. These are terrible problems to be sure, but alcohol addiction is still here and it’s still killing people. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But it never went away.

The good news is that alcoholism treatment in NJ is more effective and advanced than ever before. A new wave of evidence-based addiction treatment is benefitting people with alcohol use disorders just as much as people with drug problems. The State of NJ tracks alcohol consumption, binge drinking and chronic heavy drinking in an effort to help improve the efforts of its citizens. But the state health department isn’t the only place where science and research are benefiting alcoholism treatment in NJ. Keep reading to learn more. 

Evidence Based Alcoholism Treatment in NJ 

The most promising trend in alcohol addiction treatment right now is the move to evidence-based treatment. Evidence-based treatment is just what it sounds like. Alcoholism treatment in NJ built with scientific evidence. Simply put, the best alcohol rehabs in NJ are using methods that are proven effective by research. With all of the research being done into alcoholism, especially the past couple of decades, there is a wealth of information to draw upon.

This scientific research is helping save lives because when people go to rehab they only have a limited time to work on themselves. Many people only get one shot at this thing. So every day in alcohol rehab counts!  There is no time to waste on cockamamie treatments that might not even work. We need to cut to the chase. If someone has 3-4 weeks at most to build a solid foundation for recovery from alcoholism, they need to get the fundamentals. They need treatment that works. Here are some things you should be looking for him NJ alcohol treatment:

A Good Evidence Based Alcohol Rehab Should Have:

  1. Joint Commission or CARF Accreditation – Any alcoholism treatment in NJ worth it’s salt will have accreditation. A real evidence-based program will make the effort to meet these standards. Insist on it. 
  2. Psychiatrist or Psychologist – Evidence-based alcohol treatment begins with accurate diagnosis. Only a place with a psychiatrist or psychologist can diagnose co-occurring disorders properly. 
  3. Science Based Curriculum – A legit NJ alcohol rehab will use evidence-based treatment methods. Look for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for example. 
  4. Connections to a Detox – The best alcohol rehabs in NJ have a relationship with a full medical detox facility that specializes in getting people off alcohol safely. Don’t compromise on this!
  5. Ties with Sober Living – Reputable NJ rehabs work with a trusted sober living program in the area to provide accommodations for patients in partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient treatment. 

Why Does Evidence Based Treatment Help with Alcohol Addiction in NJ? 

Science matters. It really is that simple. We know enough about alcohol addiction now to treat it properly. Millions of dollars and thousands of hours have been spent researching what works for alcoholism. It just makes good sense to choose alcoholism treatment in NJ that leverages that data to make its program stronger. Stay away from voodoo herbal medicine, “rapid detoxes” and promises of miracle cures. If there isn’t peer-reviewed research to support its effectiveness in treating alcoholism, then you don’t have time to waste on it.

The reason alcoholics in NJ are finding more success at staying sober now is because programs have gotten better. The reason programs here have become even better is that the best ones are fully embracing the evidence-based approach. They use research from organizations like The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to inform their treatment. This makes all the difference in the world.  

Get the Help You Deserve

If you or someone you love is living with an alcohol use disorder, you’re not alone. We can definitely help. Most of us at NJ rehabs are in long-term recovery ourselves, so we really do get it. We are here to help, not judge. We want to help and we know how hard this can be, especially when you try to go it alone. So, don’t. Please call NJ Rehabs. We have the experience you need to get the help you deserve. Call us at (973) 858-5125 or reach us through our contact page here

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