Opioid Treatment Options

Opioid Treatment Options

People often wonder what opioid treatment options are out there for people struggling with opioid addiction. Read on to see what options are available.

What Happens in a Medical Detox

What Happens In a Medical Detox?

Medical detoxification is the first step in an addiction recovery process. For example, someone who relies heavily on alcohol or drugs may need medical detox to help manage withdrawal symptoms during their first few days without substances. It can be a very uncomfortable process, but it is absolutely worth it! Read on to learn what … Read more

What is intervention and how do you do one?

What is Intervention and How Does it Help?

What is Intervention and How Does it Work? If someone you care about has a substance abuse issue, it’s vital to know “what is an intervention?” To help you along, we’ll explain exactly what this is, and how to go about staging one. These can be incredibly delicate. In short, what you’ll be doing is … Read more