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Addiction Treatment Mercer County NJ

Find the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Mercer County NJ

Addiction Treatment Mercer County NJ

Are you looking for the best drug and alcohol rehabs in Mercer County New Jersey? Many families who begin their search for treatment have little to no success. This is due to a lack of experience in the industry rather than actual availability at facilities. Without professional guidance by specialists who know the ins and outs of the treatment world, families end up wasting hours of their time looking for help in the wrong places.

The difficulty associated with finding treatment has led to the rise of referral services as a popular method for expediting the process. At, our addiction specialists will find the rehab centers and treatment options covered by your insurance, answer any questions you may have about the treatment process, and save you time and energy. Our services are 100% free. Here are a few points that need to be factored into the decision of where to go:

  • How will treatment be paid for?
  • Are their amenities included in inpatient and PHP facilities such as comfortable living arrangements?
  • Does the facility offer a wide range of services?
  • Is there assistance during the transitioning periods between levels of care? (i.e. detox to inpatient, inpatient to outpatient, outpatient to aftercare, etc…)
  • Does the facility treat dual-diagnosis and prescribe anti-addiction medications?
  • Does the staff have the proper credentials and expertise?

Starting the journey to recovery is already difficult enough. If the process is overwhelming, it may discourage the newcomer from admitting and getting the help that they need. Services like aim to simplify this undertaking. Give us a call today for free.

“It is hard to understand addiction unless you have experienced it.”

~ Ken Hensley

Get Drug Addiction Help in Mercer County New Jersey!

Addiction Treatment Options in Mercer County

Exploring drug and alcohol rehabs near Mercer County, New Jersey is an important next step in finding treatment. Every individual has different needs, some may want to participate in more flexible options like IOP’s and outpatient programs. While others may feel they need more intensive treatment and long-term stay at inpatient and PHP facilities. Every option offers its own advantages and benefits. To learn more about different treatment options, click the links below:

With a variety of treatment options available, you may be wondering- what is the best option for you or your loved one? If you’d like guidance finding an answer to this question, speak with one of our qualified professionals today.

Substance abuse help in Mercer County NJ

Find Addiction Treatment Centers In Mercer County NJ

Addiction leads to turmoil and destruction within the family, community, and the individual. The first step in recovery is removing the individual from the drug or the drink, but this is only the beginning. Teaching the addict coping mechanisms and life skills is the goal of treatment. Addiction treatment centers in Mercer County NJ aim to do this. For most normal folks, this comes naturally, but for the addict and alcoholic, using drugs and alcohol is a primary way to deal with the stresses of life. It’s not uncommon for addicts to experience emotions in the extremes. These negative emotions include:

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Confusion
  • Disgust
  • Frustration
  • Irritability
  • overwhelmed

Many facilities employ evidence based therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy to help with the treatment process. Getting on the straight and narrow is more than separating the individual from the drug or drink, its about teaching them how to live life without the desire to pick up and rely on drugs or alcohol.

Mercer County NJ Addiction Treatment Centers

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Trenton New Jersey

Deep in the heart of the capital of New Jersey is an ever present problem of drug addiction. Ranking as one of the top 5 cities in New Jersey for drug addiction treatment, Trenton’s drug filled streets are responsible for a number of drug overdoses within the state. According to a latest report by, drug and alcohol rehabs in Trenton NJ had an astounding 1,607 admissions. The number of users are divided by:

  • Alcohol- 399
  • Cocaine/Crack- 162
  • Heroin- 510
  • Other Opiates- 108
  • Marijuana- 380
  • Other drugs- 48

Trenton New Jersey alcohol abuse is recorded as the highest among the state in 2017. Seeking addiction treatment in Trenton NJ has become increasingly challenging over the years as treatment centers have less availability. If you’d like help in finding an affordable rehab, speak with an addiction specialist now.

Get Drug Addiction Help in Mercer County New Jersey!

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Do not waste time looking for a rehab anymore. The staff here is incredible, they helped place me in the right rehab and I’ve been sober ever since. Thanks to all the staff that spent an hour on the phone with me through the process!
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