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Addiction Treatment Monmouth County NJ

Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Monmouth County NJ

Addiction Treatment Monmouth County NJ

Over the past decade there has been a stark rise in admissions to drug and alcohol rehabs in Monmouth County NJ. The opioid epidemic has caused waves throughout the state. In response, a number of treatment facilities have sprouted in the greater New Jersey area. Even still, finding availability at a rehab has become cumbersome and frustrating. For those who need addiction help, it is essential that the help is there when needed. Unfortunately, many families and their loved ones are wasting precious time in the process. We created to help address this problem and streamline placement. A few points should be addressed when starting:

  • What is the process for insurance coverage for treatment?
  • What services are provided in the treatment program?
  • If it is an inpatient, are the living conditions comfortable?
  • Does the facility provide a medical detox?
  • Does the staff have the required credentials and are dual-diagnosis cases treated?

For those new to the treatment space, starting off can be difficult. Without any real-world experience in this arena, having the aid of specialists who know and understand the treatment landscape is beneficial. Our mission at is to expedite the process of finding the right help, in the right time- saving you time, energy, and peace of mind. By leveraging our extensive network of referred to treatment partners, we verify insurance policies, reach out to treatment facilities with availability, and have them call you. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and need addiction treatment in Monmouth County NJ, call us today for a confidential and free assessment.

“Even in the midst of devastation, something within us always points the way to freedom.”

~ Sharon Salzberg

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Addiction Treatment Options in Monmouth County NJ

The decision to go to treatment starts with selecting a level of care that is most appropriate. Finding the best addiction treatment options in Monmouth County depends on the individual. For some, a medical detox is necessary, for others, an intensive outpatient program may better suit them. Each treatment option offers its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Inpatient rehabs provide an enclosed therapeutic environment that helps addicts and alcoholics learn the life skills they need to live without using, however, it tends to be a more expensive treatment option. Outpatient programs on the other hand, may be cheaper but cant provide the same benefits of preventative care that inpatients do. Exploring the host of treatment options available is the first step in the process. Treatment options near Monmouth County NJ include:

One of the biggest pain-points of getting into treatment is affordability. For those that do not have insurance, the options available are limited. However, there is governmental assistance for those in need. Please contact SAMHSA if you or your loved one needs assistance in funding treatment. There are also financing opportunities. Most drug and alcohol rehabs near Monmouth County NJ work with credible lenders that will help finance treatment.

Monmouth County NJ Addiction Treatment Centers

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Monmouth County NJ

The journey to recovery is long and arduous for both the family and the addict/alcoholic. Families that attempt to intervene on behalf of their loved ones might feel powerless over stopping the substance abuse. Interventions can have a long-lasting impact on sobriety, but without professional help the chances of being successful are reduced. Drug and alcohol rehab programs in Monmouth County NJ can provide a safe and secure environment that will allow those struggling with addiction to heal physically, emotionally, and mentally from this insidious disease. If you or your loved one need intervention help, speak with an addiction specialist now for more information.

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Do not waste time looking for a rehab anymore. The staff here is incredible, they helped place me in the right rehab and I’ve been sober ever since. Thanks to all the staff that spent an hour on the phone with me through the process!
Pete Backer, NJRehab User
I’ve received numerous calls from helping place sick individuals under our detoxification care. They demonstrate the highest level of professionalism.
Mary H., Detox Intake
I was lucky enough to stumble upon when I was deep into my addiction. I made a phone call and it changed my life! Thank you to all the staff at for what you do.
Annie , NJRehab User
Slide is a one stop shop for all info related to substance abuse and treatment. This site is a well oiled machine.
Mike Carmil, IOP Coordinator
Thanks to NJ Rehabs and their awesome staff, I was able to get my son into a rehab before it was too late! Thanks a’ million.
John Stein, Parent